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SISTERS               IN SOULS



Sisters Investing in Souls (SIS) is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing academic scholarships to deserving high school seniors and current college students. 


It is our responsibility as parents, teachers, and community members to provide our youth with the resources they need to develop into well-rounded, self-sufficient adults. 


SIS Scholarship Award recipients demonstrate passion for becoming the best version of themselves. They are serious about their education. They devote themselves to their communities just as much as they devote themselves to their personal objectives. 


SIS supports deserving students that may not otherwise receive financial aid in their pursuit of a college education. These students are driven to succeed and are a critical population of our youth that need to be supported. 


The youth of today are our leaders of tomorrow.

President's Note


I am proud to serve as SIS’s 4th President. Chartered on February 2, 2008 in Chicago, Illinois, SIS has worked consistently to assist college students by providing supplemental scholarships. As we enter our 14th year of service to our communities, we forge ahead in our unwavering commitment to public service and scholarship. It is my hope that we can partner with other organizations to increase our service reach.

Though ours is a small organization, we are committed to hard work and will continue to diligently serve the Chicagoland area.

Every year the members of SIS are amazed at the talented and intelligent students receiving our annual scholarship. We continuously look forward to contributing to the lives of these students and we are excited about the gifts that they will bring to our society.

SIS is undeniably focused and committed to exposing our youth to life lessons and we recognize the importance of higher education. May God continue to guide and show favor on our organization, our recipients and our supporters.

Veyshun Smith, President


Foundation Members

Veyshun Smith


Melanie Foster


Claudette Wilson


Tracie Ransom


Elizabeth Hoskins

Staci Staples

Cynthia Gilmore-Ellis



Board of Directors

Stephan Grandberry

Jacqueline Maxwell

Renee Rogers-Williams

DeJeanette Gandy



Sisters Investing in Souls has been fortunate to work with both large and local organizations to create a community that continuously supports its youths' post-secondary education.

Past Events


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