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The members of Sisters Investing in Souls continue a journey we began in 2008 to strategically invest in our young adults. Scholarships from our foundation help to enable  deserving students' access to higher education. Solidly grounded in our belief and faith-based mission and vision, we are humbled to contribute to our future generations.

We know we are not alone on this journey. Rather, we are accompanied by countless organizations and individuals who work with us.  Together, we are making a difference! This journey is fueled with patience and perserverance and through partnerships with individuals and organizations who share our mission, passion and determination to make a difference on purpose.

Our journey continues and is a work in progress and we are committed for the long run. There are a number of unsung heroes who make a difference including The Bros and the Board of Directors are among the masses.

On belhalf of Sisters Investing in Souls, I would like thank those individuals and groups for your efforts. Whatever your role is, please know your commitment is greatly appreciated.

I invite you to join us, Help Us, Help Us!

Yours faithfully,

Katrice Kelsey-Ammons